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EAM Magnetic Assemblies

EAM can provide virtually any type of magnetic assembly or subassembly made from almost any type of magnetic material or combination of materials.

Using plastic injection molding or metal die casting it is possible to precisely incorporate spindles, bushes, gears and other inserts. Many other fabrication techniques such press fitting, gluing and over-molding are also available.

Choose from our wide variety of stock parts (link to our online store) or contact us for a custom application.


ROUND BASE Assemblies
For applications requiring maximum pull strength.

Because of the nature of their design, magnetic assemblies can be over 30 times as strong as a magnet alone!  One of the most popular and versatile is the round-base assembly. Perfect for mounting an antenna, securing a flag, or affixing a sign to a vehicle or building, round base assemblies are available in a wide variety of sizes and strengths.

Choose from our standard sizes, or contact us regarding custom assemblies.

Typically, pull strength is tested against a flat steel plate, with the pull force exerted perpendicular to the surface of the plate. Different testing methods can yield different results, so it is a good idea to request a sample prior to making a final decision on the specific assembly you require.



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Magnetic Assemblies:

Need a stock magnet for prototyping, design work, crafts or home projects?

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Standard Round Base Assembly Magnets

EAM Part # O/D “A” (inches) Cup Hole size “B” (inches) Magnet Hole size “C” (inches) Thickness “D” (inches) Pull Strength Finish  
SP-0028 4.900 0.500 1.750 0.500 210 Chrome Info
SP-0636 3.200 0.375 1.188 0.438 110 Black Vinyl Info
SP-0175 3.200 0.375 1.118 0.438 110 Nickel Info
SP-0017 3.200 0.280 1.118 0.438 110 Nickel Info
SP-0014 2.625 0.280 1.000 0.375 80 Nickel Info
SP-0013 2.030 0.187 0.844 0.313 35 Nickel Info
SP-0002 1.400 0.187 0.375 0.280 15 Nickel Info