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ENEFLUX-ARMTEK Magnetics (EAMagnetics), an ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified

Magnets for all types of industriesEA Magnetics is a leading manufacturer of magnets and magnetic assemblies including Neodymium and Ceramic magnets.  Our customers include industrial and consumer electronics industry giants, automotive parts manufacturers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, & a list of companies across hundreds of different industries. All of our customers demand only the finest materials and service available for their magnet based products, and EAMagnetics satisfies their needs. EAM has developed quality systems and advanced production processes to satisfy the demands of any process or production customer worldwide, and we apply these stringent standards to every step of the production process – from prototype design, to manufacturing, through the final delivery of parts.

EAM offers a comprehensive product line including all permanent magnet materials, including but not limited to, sintered rare earth magnets like neodymium and samarium cobalt, injection-molded neodymium and ferrite magnets, specialized hybrid materials, alnico, sintered ceramic/ferrite magnets as well as all types of magnetic assemblies. No other magnet company offers as wide a range of magnetic materials and components at equal pricing, service, and product quality.

For customers that may require a small order of stock magnets for use in home or school projects, crafts, or design and prototyping, EAM has created an online magnet store – www.magnetkingdom.com - where stock parts may be purchased quickly and easily with a credit card. Many of our most technical products are manufactured at our facility in Warminster, PA, while others may be sourced from our network of carefully qualified manufacturing partners around the world.

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